Behind The Newsroom: Shawn Wheat, Executive Producer

Today we chat with Shawn Wheat, an Executive Producer who works for Local News Live!, a new streaming news service from Gray Media Group.

What Was Your First Job In The Industry?

News assistant at KOAM-TV my senior year of high school.

Did You Have Any Other Jobs Before Your Current Job?

Several — Reporter, digital manager, producer, news director.

What Got You Interested In This Field?

A tornado hit my hometown

How Do You Manage Your Stress & Anxiety?

Friends. Good outlets to talk to when stress is high.

What Do You Do For Fun?

My kids take up most of my time now.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five to Ten Years?

A senior vice president for Gray TV or a news director

What Do You Think The News Industry Will Look Like In Ten Years?

All digital

Where Can People Follow You On Social Media?


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